Resourcing Equity & Democracy

A well-functioning democracy for all requires a thriving multiracial society. The Resourcing Equity and Democracy portfolio at the Raikes Foundation strives to build capacity for democratic life by investing in organizing that builds the power of communities who have not had equal voice in our country’s institutions.

Supporting Robust & Evolving Organizing

The RED portfolio is in the early stages of designing a strategy centering modern organizing of, by, and for communities who have been locked out of power in our democracy. The portfolio will support infrastructure solutions guided by community leaders thinking about leadership, organizational structures, and philanthropic collaboration to bring about a revival of robust organizing. We will begin by co-developing an analysis of current organizing structures and will take counsel from youth organizers, veteran base-builders, and peer funders to guide our approach.

The challenge of democracy in the 21st century comes from a society that has neglected the challenge of enabling people’s power.

Hahrie Han

The role of philanthropy

It is important that individuals of all backgrounds have the tools they need to reach their full potential. And we believe the field of philanthropy can help. Funders can play a tremendous role in using our reach, influence, and resources to support a robust multiracial democracy that levels the playing field for all Americans. This will then, in turn, maintain balance and equity in policy, resource allocation, economic systems and outcomes, and fair applications of laws and regulations.

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