The Raikes Foundation Reacts to SCOTUS Decision on Affirmative Action

SEATTLE, WA - Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision on Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. (SFAI) v. President and Fellows of Harvard and SFAI v. University of North Carolina, rejecting 40 years of precedent and reversing affirmative action in college and university admissions. With affirmative action now restricted, representation and diversity in education are expected to suffer significant setbacks, undoing decades of progress, exacerbating injustices students of color already face, and diminishing the quality of education that students of all races receive.

The Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn affirmative action in college admissions undermines the progress we have made in promoting equal opportunity and addressing historical injustices. Affirmative action allows college and university admission offices to put every application into context and helps break down the barriers that keep students of color from achieving academic, professional, and personal success. Everyone – no matter the color of their skin, the income of their family, or the zip code of their home – deserves an education that prepares them for success.

Make no mistake, today’s decision is not only an impediment for students of color – it undermines the principles of fairness and equal opportunity that are core to a just society. Without adequate representation, all students will miss out on the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds that is essential to their own development and their ability to succeed in a global economy. Together, we must redouble our efforts to create a future where diversity is celebrated, and every student can thrive and contribute to a stronger and more inclusive nation.

The Raikes Foundation remains steadfast in our commitment to dismantling systemic barriers for all individuals, particularly those from historically underserved communities, so they have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a more just and equitable society.


About The Raikes Foundation
At the Raikes Foundation, we believe that when we work together and center the voices of young people, we can build a fair society for all. Our goal is to bring people together to break down barriers that prevent communities from thriving and to support solutions that allow all of us to determine a fair and just future for America. We make grants in four core areas: education, housing stability for youth, racial equity and democracy, and impact-driven philanthropy. Through our grants, we seek to redefine financial impact, support individuals, and promote community agency and solutions to build a more just and inclusive society where all young people have the support they need to achieve their full potential. To learn more about our work, visit

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