The Raikes Foundation Announces Senior Director of New Resourcing Equity and Democracy Portfolio

SEATTLE, WA - The Raikes Foundation today announced the hiring of Maria De La Cruz as Senior Director of the Resourcing Equity and Democracy (RED) portfolio. As Senior Director, Maria will lead the Foundation’s new portfolio to elevate, support, and fund organizations building a more fair, representative, and effective democracy in the United States.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Maria to the Raikes Foundation and we look forward to seeing our new RED portfolio thrive under her leadership,” said Jeff and Tricia Raikes, co-founders of the Raikes Foundation. “With 15 years of experience advancing equity and justice, Maria has the background, skills, and knowledge we need to catalyze the Foundation’s work to support a multiracial democracy.”

“Under Maria’s direction, I know the Raikes Foundation can make real progress in building a robust, multiracial democracy through the power of community organizing,” said Executive Director of the Raikes Foundation Dennis Quirin. “I look forward to carrying out the Foundation’s vision and strategy for the new RED portfolio alongside her.”

Dennis and Maria will together spearhead the RED portfolio and execute on its mission of leveling the playing field for all individuals. By partnering with youth organizers, community base-builders, and peer funders, the RED portfolio will explore the evolution of modern organizing structures as vehicles for a more fair and just society for all.

“I’m proud to join an organization that is adapting to today’s reality and building the inclusive, multiracial democracy that young people deserve,” said Maria. “I’m excited to apply my background in resource mobilization and community organizing to counter the threats to our democracy and tear down the barriers communities face.”

De La Cruz currently serves as the Vice-President and Chief External Affairs Officer at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, where she oversees strategic development as well as communications and marketing efforts. She also served as the founder and principal of MDLC Consulting, which partners with movement leaders, high-capacity donors, and philanthropic institutions to advance racial and gender justice. Before that, she was the president of the Headwaters Foundation for Justice, a foundation that amplifies the power of community to advance equity and justice.


About The Raikes Foundation

At the Raikes Foundation, we believe that when we work together and center the voices of young people, we can build a fair society for all. Our goal is to bring people together to break down barriers that prevent communities from thriving and to support solutions that allow all of us to determine a fair and just future for America. We make grants in four core areas: education, housing stability for youth, racial equity and democracy, and impact-driven philanthropy. Through our grants, we seek to redefine financial impact, support individuals, and promote community agency and solutions to build a more just and inclusive society where all young people have the support they need to achieve their full potential.

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