our grantmaking process

The Raikes Foundation makes grants in three core program areas: Education, Youth Homelessness, and Impact-Driven Philanthropy. We also make a limited number of community grants and grants for special projects. Proposals are by invitation only. We make the majority of our grants to organizations we have identified. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. 

To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as public charities under section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Code. Public organizations designated under section 170(c) of the Code are also eligible. The Raikes Foundation does not make grants to individuals or to organizations outside the United States. 

The Raikes Foundation does not fund: individuals; organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin or citizenship, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief; or religious purposes unless grant activities address the needs of the wider community without regard to religious beliefs.

Even if our grants and strategies don’t fully succeed, we only fail if we don’t learn.

– Jeff Raikes

List of Grants

Organization Requests Award Date Amount Program
National Public Education Support Fund Education Funder Strategy Group Membership (2023) 03/06/23 $25,000.00 Education
Coalition For Juvenile Justice Collaborating for Change 03/06/23 $45,000.00 Youth Homelessness
National Public Education Support Fund Grantmakers for Thriving Youth Membership (2023) 03/06/23 $20,000.00 Education
Ashland Greenwood Public Schools Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award 02/24/23 $3,000.00 Trustee Directed (Recurring)
Turnaround for Children, Inc. General Operating Support 02/22/23 $1,250.00 Community Giving
Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU): Increasing Adoption of SEP Approach to Equitable College Classrooms 02/21/23 $280,000.00 Education
Amalgamated Foundation Susan Sandler Leadership Fellowship 02/16/23 $25,000.00 Executive Director Discretionary
NW Children's Foundation 2023 Community Annual Forum - Healing-Centered Practices & Childhood Trauma 02/15/23 $5,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation Giving Gap General Operating Support 02/15/23 $15,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Children & Youth Justice Center Norm Maleng Advocate for Youth Award Breakfast Sponsorship (2023) 02/14/23 $5,000.00 Trustee Directed (One Time)
Central Washington Justice For Our Neighbors General Operating Support 02/13/23 $25,000.00 Executive Director Discretionary
Neighborhood Funders Group NFG National Convening (2023) 02/06/23 $20,000.00 Community Giving
Mockingbird Society Executive Director Support Gift 01/31/23 $5,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Grantmakers For Effective Organizations Annual Membership (2023) 01/31/23 $8,500.00 Community Giving
Tides Center PERTS - Strategic Scale-Up of Copilot Ascend & Communities of Practice 01/23/23 $400,000.00 Education
YMCA of Greater Seattle General Operating Support 01/20/23 $25,000.00 Community Giving
Refugee Protection International General Operating Support 01/13/23 $5,000.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
Amalgamated Foundation Reimagining Capacity and Capital for Communities (RC3) Initiative 01/03/23 $30,000.00 Racial Equity and Democracy
JustFund US IGNITE Event Operations 12/20/22 $4,560.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, Inc. General Operating Support 12/20/22 $2,000.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
National Association of System Heads Equity Action Initiative 12/15/22 $100,000.00 Education
Trustee of Tufts College CIRCLE General Operating Support 12/12/22 $1,500.00 Community Giving
TeenTix General Operating Support 12/12/22 $2,500.00 Community Giving
King County Regional Homelessness Authority King County YYA Policy Coordinator 12/09/22 $150,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Grantmakers For Effective Organizations Organizational Strategic Planning and Visioning 12/09/22 $50,000.00 Community Giving
American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education National Education Effort of Students Experiencing Homelessness, Foster Care, and the Justice System 12/09/22 $50,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Seattle Parks Foundation Community Centric Fundraising General Operating Support 12/08/22 $150,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
The Seattle Foundation General Operating Support 12/07/22 $375,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Common Counsel Foundation Movement for Black Lives "Black Power Rising Vision 2024" Core Operating Support 12/07/22 $50,000.00 Racial Equity and Democracy
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc. Black Girl Freedom Fund "Grantmakers for Girls of Color" Core Operating Support 12/07/22 $50,000.00 Racial Equity and Democracy
Amalgamated Foundation Emergent Fund "Movement Rapid Response Organizing" Core Operating Support 12/07/22 $50,000.00 Community Giving
YMCA of Greater Seattle Prevention Youth Engagement Team 12/06/22 $342,000.00 Youth Homelessness
SchoolHouse Connection Improving Educational Outcomes Vulnerable Students: Supporting and Strengthening Federal Agency Action 12/06/22 $200,000.00 Youth Homelessness
The Institute for Higher Education Policy General Operating Support 12/02/22 $50,000.00 Education
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University Graduate School of Education's Dean Fund 12/01/22 $10,000.00 Community Giving
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University President's Fund at Stanford Fund for Undergraduate Education 12/01/22 $25,000.00 Community Giving
Association of Black Foundation Executives Inc. Annual Membership (2022) 12/01/22 $2,500.00 Community Giving
University Of Nebraska Foundation General Operating Support 12/01/22 $10,000.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
UNF Charitable Fund Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) Annual Membership (2022) 12/01/22 $2,400.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University Stanford Buck/Cardinal Club 12/01/22 $10,000.00 Community Giving
The Seattle Foundation Grantmakers for Thriving Youth, Education Forward Fund 12/01/22 $50,000.00 Special Initiatives
Third Way Institute General Operating Support 12/01/22 $50,000.00 Education
New Profit Inc General Operating Support 11/25/22 $25,000.00 Impact Driven Philanthropy
Mockingbird Society General Operating Support 11/22/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio General Operating Support 11/22/22 $2,500.00 Trustee Directed Gifts
Legal Counsel for Youth and Children General Operating Support 11/22/22 $40,000.00 Youth Homelessness
RVC Seattle Creative Justice "General Operating Support" 11/18/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
Africatown Community Land Trust From Imagination to Creation Campaign 11/18/22 $4,000.00 Employee Anniversary Gifts
FW Black Collective General Operating Support 11/18/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness
API Chaya General Operating Support 11/18/22 $10,000.00 Youth Homelessness