Our Strategy 

We believe there are three pillars to transforming public education in America:

Centering Equity in Everything We Do

Along with our partners, we envision an equitable education system where race, class, gender, language, and ability-status no longer hold any predictive power over a student’s chance of graduating from high school, being suspended, or completing a post-secondary degree. To achieve educational equity we need ambitious, universal goals to prepare every child for our fast-changing world and targeted strategies that acknowledge all young people do not have the same access to opportunity.

Leveraging the Science of Learning and Development

The science of learning and development reveals that while what students learn is important, designing learning environments based on how learning happens is essential to their success. When schools affirm and nurture students' identities, surround them with supportive relationships, help them explore their personal values, and make the connection between what students do in school and a purpose beyond themselves, all students can learn.

Building Systems Equipped to Evolve

Our schools were not designed to achieve ambitious goals for all students’ educational outcomes, adapt to the rapidly changing needs of our society, or integrate new and emerging research that sheds light on how students learn and develop. We must build schools that are responsive to the needs of students and empower educators to continuously identify what’s working to improve educational experiences for all.